Webinar 6 Oct 2021 Victor Kline

But Victor, how will you pay for it?

But Victor, how will you pay for it?

A conversation with The New Liberal’s Victor Kline about the influence of Modern Monetary Theory on TNL’s policies

Wednesday 6 October 2021 7:30 PM AEST

Since its formation in 2019, TNL has made more of a mark on the Australian political landscape than, arguably, any new party since the formation of the Greens. Kline contends that the word ‘liberal’ has been twisted into a misnomer by the Liberal Party of Australia, and that we need a new party that reflects the real meaning of the word.

He also says that:
“We are our own party, but so far as it is helpful to fit us into political history, we are a cross between the economics of Menzies (real full employment and job security with investment in local business) and the social progressiveness and egalitarianism of Whitlam”.

While the Menzies era is seen by many as a time of ultra conservatism, it was also a time of national prosperity, of large infrastructure projects, of affordable housing, of high home ownership and of virtually full employment.

Whitlam’s era championed a host of public good policies: university studies with no cost to the user; the establishment of the Australia Council and a recognition that the arts are crucial to a healthy society; no fault divorce; equal pay for equal work; universal medical cover; the Order of Australia replacing the British Honours system; the recognition and valuing that we are a multicultural society; a shift in Aboriginal affairs away from assimilation and toward self‐determination; and many more.

Can TNL emulate both of these?

Their policy platform is ambitious. Many of its planks would cost rather an enormous amount of money. It includes a national job guarantee, a commitment to reach nett zero by 2035, the very best primary and secondary public school system in the world, restoration of ABC and Australia Council funding and much more.

So, Victor, how will you pay for it?

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