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Modern Money Australia presents:

An MMT Framework for Colonial & Climate Reparations: A Global Green New Deal

A Zoom webinar: Sunday 18 October 2020 – 11.00am (AEST)

Join us as we explore Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) with Associate Professor Fadhel Kaboub in this webinar which will introduce the basics of MMT and identify structural deficiencies that hinder sustainable development efforts in the Global South. The presentation will make the case for a Global Green New Deal reparations framework to undo the damage done by colonial and post-colonial extractive economic policies.

Fadhel Kaboub is an Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University and President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. He formerly taught at Drew University, where he was also co-director of the Wall Street Semester Program; the University of Missouri–Kansas City (UMKC); and Bard College at Simon’s Rock.

Kaboub’s research interests include macroeconomic theory and policy, economic development, international law and economics, and the methodology and history of economic thought. He has published in the Journal of Economics Issues, Review of Radical Political Economics, Review of Keynesian Economics, Middle East Development Journal, and International Labour Review, among other academic journals.

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