Webinar Intro to MMT – animation

An introduction to MMT

The online launch of MMA’s very first animated video

Saturday 27 March 2021 2:00 PM AEDT

This two-part video is a clear, down-to-earth introduction to the paradigm busting economics of Modern Monetary Theory.

Make a big bowl of popcorn and from the comfort of your own living room, enjoy twelve minutes of delightful animation, and about thirty minutes of friendly discussion (or quiet lurking!).

  • Meet the video creators.
  • Meet your fellow MMT-curious and MMT-advocates.
  • Ask your questions in person or anonymously.

Whether you are new to this brand of economics, or are the veteran of in-depth debates with your monetarist neighbours, this is a wonderful way to share the enthusiasm for a brand new way of looking at our world.

As the ABC news asked recently: What if everything we thought we knew about public finance over the past 40 years has been wrong?

ALL WELCOME! Free and donation tickets available. All donations very much appreciated.

A YouTube Livestream will also be available:


Video credits: Artwork by Emma Winton, voice-over by Cat Canteri, produced by Mischa Herman.

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