Prof Bill Mitchell

Prof Bill Mitchell

Prof Bill Mitchell is one of the founders of Modern Monetary Theory. He holds the Chair in Economics and is the Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), an official research centre at the University of Newcastle. He is also on the board of CofFEE-Europe, which is a sister centre established at the University of Maastricht, The Netherlands. He currently supervises 9 PhD students, with topics covering labour, macroeconomics, spatial econometrics, regional development and financial economics, most of which involve applied econometric modelling. He has published widely in refereed academic journals and books and regularly gives conference presentations abroad.

His latest book (co-authoured with Prof L Randall Wray and Prof Martin Watts) is simply titled Macroeconomics. It encourages students to take a more critical approach to the prevalent assumptions around the subject of macroeconomics by comparing and contrasting heterodox and orthodox approaches to theory and policy.

The first such textbook to develop a heterodox model from the ground up, it is based on the principles of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) as derived from the theories of Keynes, Kalecki, Veblen, Marx, and Minsky, amongst others. The internationally-respected author team offer appropriate fiscal and monetary policy recommendations, explaining how the poor economic performance of most of the wealthy capitalist countries over recent decades could have been avoided, and delivering a well-reasoned practical and philosophical argument for the heterodox MMT approach being advocated. The book is suitable for both introductory and intermediate courses, offering a thorough overview of the basics, while covering everything needed for more advanced courses. Issues are explained conceptually, with the more technical, mathematical material in chapter appendices, offering greater flexibility of lecturer use.

He is also a prolific blogger. His blog may be found here.

More information can be found on his website.